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La suite di Mussorgski descrive la mostra del pittore e amico Hartmann. Il progetto parte dalle musiche del compositore russo per generare nuove tele e nuovi percorsi culturali.

The live interpretation of the suite for piano "Painting of an exhibition" by Modest Mussorgski will be completed by a new multimedia scenario. The work of Mussorgski describes in music the author’s visit to an art exhibition of his fellow painter Hartman. In the work, the theme called “Le Promenade” evidences the passage from one hall/lounge/room to the other, while the other pieces develop pictorial themes of single canvases. The multimedia project had to try the opposite operation: from music to the arbitrary reconstruction of a new artistic scenario that does not take us back to Hartman’s paintings or to the famous Kandinsky interpretation. The virtual exhibition, as a metaphor of the flow of life, begins with the fears of childhood and inevitably ends in death. A man goes through the years and the vicissitudes of humanity meeting life in all its colors from the brightest to the darkest dark.

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Piano: Maurizio Baglini
Multimedia: Giuseppe Andrea L'Abbate